December 13 Food, Fun and Officer Elections

December 13 Party & Elections

Hi Palmia residents, and especially Palmia Computer Club members. Our Palmia Computer Club provides many reasons for you to join this club. One of the reasons is the club website There is a plethora of information that is provided to our membership on the website.

This is my final article in behalf of the Palmia Computer Club. In January our new board of directors will be in place. Thank you for reading my articles. I hope you gained some knowledge, and enjoyment.

Dec 13 Annual Election and Party

On Wednesday December 13 the club will hold its annual election, and party. This is the deluxe dessert meeting, and features, in addition to the good food, a fun quiz. After the quiz, gifts will be handed out to some lucky members.

Besides the food, and fun, our annual election of officers takes place. The nominating committee has selected the following club members as club officers for 2018. Secretary Marilyn Goldberg, Treasurer Jan Miller, Vice President Cliff Hartfield, and President Barry Robbins.

Jan 10, 2018 Meeting Features Guest Speak Bill James

Our first 2018 meeting will take place on Wednesday January 10, 2018 at 7 PM. The club’s featured guest speaker is going to be Mr. Bill James. Mr. James was so well received at our June, 2017 meeting, we ran out of seating. If you did not attend the June meeting you missed a wonderful guest speaker. Approximately 100 Palmia residents, non-club members, and club members, enjoyed a most informative lecture.

Mr. James will present the second part of his June lecture regarding cell phone, and tablet apps. Whether you use an Apple, or Android based device, the information that you receive will be useful. Bill James is a featured guest speaker of the Association of Personal Computer User Groups, and Vice President of the Oklahoma City Computer Club. He will provide additional information about the best apps you can use in your mobile devices.

Check Out Our Friday Computer Classes

On most Fridays, your computer club has classes that are held in the computer room. If you have not attended any of these classes you are losing out on adding computer knowledge to your life. You will receive an email announcement from one of the instructors prior to the class. This announcement will describe the instruction you will receive, and the time of day the class will be held. Don’t forget to bring your questions with you when you attend a class.

Harvey Gershenson