June 14 Meeting: Apps for Your Phone and Tablet

Apps for your mobile phone and tablet

Do you have a cell phone or a tablet? Do you know everything there is to know about using your mobile device and its available apps? Would you like to learn what you are missing? On Wednesday, June 14, at 7:00 p.m., our guest speaker will talk about the use of your cell phone and tablet apps. Mr. Bill James, a featured guest speaker of the Association of Personal Computer User Groups, and Vice President of the Oklahoma City Computer Club, will tell us about the best apps you can use in your mobile devices.

There are so many apps it is amazing. In case you do not know, “apps” is an abbreviation for “applications”. Applications is a word that is used instead of the word programs. Now you know that when you download an app, you are downloading a mini-program.

Friday Classes

On most Fridays, the Computer Club has classes that are held in the Computer/Crafts Room. If you have not attended any of these classes, you are losing out on adding computer knowledge to your life. You will receive an email announcement from one of these instructors: Jan Miller, Barry Robbins, or Harvey Gershenson, prior to the class. This announcement will describe the instruction you will receive and the time of day the class will be held. Don’t forget to bring your questions when you attend a class.

See you on Wednesday evening, June 14.