April 12 Meeting: Using the Internet for Shopping, Social Media

Get some tips on internet shopping and using social media

Our March meeting on Internet Safety was attended by approximately 50 Palmia residents. Mr. Gostischa made a wonderful presentation for the club. The information he presented was very informative. If you want a free anti-virus program consider downloading Avast, the free version.

Using the Internet for Shopping, Social Media, and More

Now that you have learned how to safely visit the internet, it is time to learn to explore the internet, and enjoy all that it offers.

Whether it is banking, Medicare shopping, using Facebook, there is a plethora of websites to visit. If there is a trip you wish to take, or an item you wish to purchase, please consider bringing the name of the trip, or purchase, with you. Let’s see if we can find a better price.

Your featured guest speaker is yours truly. I have been using the internet for everything that  you can think of. As I tell the students who attend my Friday classes, “Free is good!” This is in reference to music, books, and more. PCC members can download the presentation here.

Did You Pay Your 2017 Dues?

If you have not paid your 2017 dues please bring a check or cash, otherwise you will be charged $5.00 to attend the meeting.

Friday Computer Classes

On most Fridays your computer club has classes that are held in the computer room. If you have not attended any of these classes you are losing out on adding computer knowledge to your life.

You will receive an email announcement from one of these instructors, Jan Miller, Barry Robbins, and Harvey Gershenson, prior to the class. This announcement will describe the instruction you will receive, and the time of day the class will be held. Don’t forget to bring your questions with you when you attend a class.

See you on Wednesday evening, April 12.

Harvey Gershenson